Our company, which was established in 2017, has become the market leader in the category of surprise and gift toys in a very short time by producing innovative products with its 25 years of sectoral experience in its partnership structure. Our mission is to become a company that has a say in domestic and export in the toy industry with innovative products.

For now, we are operating in a 4800 square meter closed production area. By providing direct supply to the leading retail sales points in the sector, we have implemented a structure that can offer the consumers more advantageous prices as well as quality and safe products.

We currently export to 14 countries, which corresponds to 30% of our total capacity. Our goal will be to bring our exports to at least 50% of our capacity by 2020.

We provide supply services to domestic and international chain retail outlets.

With our 100% domestic production principle, we produce products with all international health and safety qualifications and have our products tested periodically in accredited laboratories.